Crossword and Code Cracker Solver

Number of letters


The following characters: '*', '+', and '-' can be used as wild cards to indicate unknown letters that are the same or different i.e. to search for a five letter word like 'scoop' when only the 'sc' are known entering 'sc**+' will return any words in the word list which starts with 'sc', the 3rd and 4th letters are the same as each other and the 5th letter is different to the 3rd and 4th.
Blanks will match any letter.
Any character other than the three listed above and letters from the alphabet will be treated as blanks.
Checking the 'Exc Match' checkbox will exclude any words with a match between the existing letters and the letters indicated by wildcards otherwise there is no comparison or exclusion between known letters and unknown letters i.e in the example above words with and 's' or 'c' as the 5th letter will be returned.

Figures in brackets are the word's scrabble value.

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