Examples of some charts below. Details have been removed or altered to protect privacy

The first two two charts use an image as a background with the colours relating to the reading level colours. I deliberately faded the colours in most of the background image to avoid hiding the students achievement series.

Reading level chart Reading level chart Back to Top

The next two charts below use a hidden series for the background providing additional information about the results. In the first the vertical coloured bands describe Well Below, Below, At, Above, and Well Above while in the next chart they define Below, At, and Above.

Exemplars chart Back to Top

The following two charts are a pair. Each represents the same set of students.
The first chart uses an image as the background and shows the frequency of students achieving a sub-level while the second shows the student's mean sub level against curriculum sub functions.

Writing level frequency chart Writing mean sub curriculum level chart Back to Top

The first chart combines SEA LetterID and Concepts about Print at two time periods and the second chart combines a 6Yr Obs for two age ranges.

SEA chart 6yr Obs chart Back to Top

This PAT chart again uses an image as the background with a line showing National Norms. The image isn't as dynamic as a hidden series, as in the Exemplars and Maths charts but it does convey more information directly in the chart without having to have additional notes or make assumptions.

PAT chart with expectations Back to Top

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